Thursday, 6 January 2011

The start.

So, It all started when my mum fell ill, She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2009. The doctors were pretty confident that it was going to be fine, which made my mum think positive too. If im honest, at the time i did too, But it all went down hill after she got the 'All Clear' That was almost a year ago now, but i still have the thought of it's going to return. No matter what people tell me, i wear 'Negative glasses' I can only see the positives if i REALLY set my mind to it. (Not very often)
My life has hit rock bottom, i cant tell anyone how i feel, Well, very few. I dont trust anyone. Thats my problem. If only i had the guts to speak out.
I feel like im walking down a spiral stair case with no bottom, Ill keep walking, and it will keep getting worse.
Everyday is a rubbish day, I 'try' to put a smile on my face, to avoid the usual..... "But you have a family, a house and good friends" Talk from people. That means nothing. Yeah i love them but..
Enough for tonight i think.

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